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On 2 months after deciding to adopt a toddler boy or girl or a sibling group from Ethiopia – we’re excited to say, OUR DOSSIER IS COMPLETE!  The dossier is basically a stack of documents that will be presented to the Ethiopian courts to process our adoption.  We’ve been told that we’ve completed this step very quickly – but if you know me – work hard until it is done is the way I work.

We are still waiting for our US-CIS approval.  Once that is received, we will be officially waiting to be matched with a child.  We do not know him/her or them yet, but God already knows them by name.

Here is what our dossier looks like.ET Dossier

MK LOVES cutting things out of magazines – you name it, she cuts it out! It is hilarious! With that said, I love it because I get to sit and flip through old magazines for hours on end. Today, over 1 hour worth of cutting – it is her favorite thing to do these days! Here are some interesting things I found in an older fitness magazine – great info!

  1. You can walk off a chocolate craving – chocoholics who took a brisk 15-minute walk were less likely to eat an already unwrapped bar! I’ll remember that next time I’m needing some chocolate, which is just about all the time!
  2. Teaching Body Confidence to girls – I just talked about this at our moms group – so to see it published in a magazine made me feel so smart! Ha!  Fitness magazine suggests, “Saying positive things about your own bodu, and taking care of it”  rubs off on your own girls.  Waterhouse says, “If you have a strong sense of self-esteem, it’s more likely that your daughter will as well.”  I like the sound of that!
  3. Turning off the TV will boost your mood – Experts at the University of Maryland found a strong link between watching TV and being unhappy.  I couldn’t image why?  Just kidding – TV is so negative – instead, call a friend or go for a walk – that will boost your mood too!

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Dustin and I are excited to announce that we’re expecting an addition to our family. About a month ago, we began the process of adopting a child from Ethiopia and we could not be more excited!!

I have not be blogging recently due to the amount of time I’ve been spending work through paper work, collecting documents, reading, taking classes and filling out applications. Wow – It has been a lot of hard work – but completely worth every minute we have spent on it.

In the next couple of days, I’ll tell more of our story and where we are in the process!



Here are a few more video’s.  One is of MK at her 3rd birthday party.  She LOVES snow white and wanted to wear her dress – she was also snow white for Halloween.  Here she is with her birthday cakes – princess dolls, one for MK and MJ and also a dress cake made from cupcakes – all courtesy of my amazing mom!

The second video is MK and MJ – playing ring around the rosie’s with Santa – they think he is real! Ha!  Santa gets pulled over on MJ – listen to what MK says, she is hilarious!  Oh, the dance outfits were mine when I was little – they LOVE dressing up.

Macy LOVES brushing her teeth!

This is Macy with her coat on saying, “Snow.”  She realizes that I am taking a movie and gets mad because she wants to watch the movie.  Hilarious!  She is saying, “MOVIE” at the end.

In these two, MK and MJ have fairy princess wings – they are so funny!  Macy tries to kiss the camera in the second one!

October 2008

I just found out I have tickets to see Gov. Sarah Palin tomorrow night and am so excited!  I’ll be sure to post pictures and comments on the event for sure!

A new personal best and 1st in my age group at the Home Run 5 Miler to benefit the Home of the Innocents.  This race is a Schadt favorite held at the beautiful Bernheim Forest outside Bardstown, KY.  The course was a hilly, but fast 5 miles.  It was amazing and so fun to hear my name announced as the top finisher in the womens 24-29 group.  My time was 37:37, with a pace of 7:24/mile.   I think I finished in the top 5 – 8 women in the entire race, but am waiting for the official results to be posted online later this week.

On another note, I spotted one of my very favorite runners, 72 year old Rose Taylor, at the race this morning.  She is so inspiring and adorable and I love how she says, “I just never stopped running.”  She has her cute running shorts, tights, short grey hair and a smile on her face.  I know she insires many to keep running.  Running is a great lifetime sport and hope to be running races at the age of 72.